These strong, stable pushup bars are the perfect addition to your home gym.  The Maximiza Ultra 25mm push-up bars suit heavier people with larger hands so are typically bought by men.

Product Features

  • STRONG, STURDY and STABLE – Chrome Steel 25mm (1 Inch) bars with no joins, welds or pieces. No assembly required. They do not wobble or slip. Each bar holds up to 330lbs (150kg)
  • EASY TO USE – Portable, light and perfect for push-ups at home, the office or travel
  • COMFORTABLE – foam hand pads, stable and non-slip. 2 grip sizes – Ultra 25mm typically suits heavier people, men and larger hands. (Classic 22mm typically suits lighter people, women and smaller hands)Maximiza Push Up Bars
  • DEEPER MORE INTENSE WORKOUTS – greater range of motion, deeper pushups and more push-up positions for varied muscle use. Great for Crossfit and P90x
  • PROTECTS WRISTS and REDUCES PAIN – enables you to maintain straight wrists so far less stress on the wrists and joints which means you can do more hand positions and have no wrist pain – so you can do more and better push ups


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‘Push Up to Fitness’ with the Maximiza Push Up Bars by Garren Fitness

Each box contains one pair of Push Up Stands

Maximiza Ultra 25mm Push Up Bars

Maximiza Ultra 25mm Push Up Bars


  • Strong, durable chrome steel bars and very stable – have no fear that they’ll break, bend or collapse
  • Ultra Bar diameter of 25mm (1 inch)
  • Each Ultra bar can hold 150kg (330lb)
  • The Ultra 25mm bar will suit heavier people or larger hands (typically men)
  • No parts, welds or joins – means no assembly required and no parts to break or fall off
  • They are stable and do not wobble
  • Light and portable
    Maximiza Push Up Bars - Ultra 25mm

    Maximiza Push Up Bars – Ultra 25mm

  • Comfortable foam grips
  • Non-slip


  • Strengthen and sculpt shoulders, chest, arms and back
  • Integrate with any upper body workout program
  • Reduce stress on wrists
  • Promotes good form
  • Maximize your effort with deeper push-ups
  • Enables varied muscle use with more hand positions

Garren Fitness’ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t completed satisfied, please contact us for a full refund – no questions asked.

Buy one of each size and share them with your family or at the office


Buy the Maximiza Ultra 25mm Pushup Bars on Amazon.comBuy From